C-Section Recovery- My Birth Story pt 2

While a Cesarean section (or C-section) may not be every mother’s dream birth experience, whether it’s planned or an emergency surgery, when your baby needs to come out you do anything you can. 

Monday, November 25th 9am that’s when my C Section was scheduled for. It was such a weird feeling knowing exactly when we were going to have the baby. In fact the Saturday before we thought why not take advantage and enjoy this time, so we went downtown and had ourselves a little staycation at Hotel X.  The night before the C Section we double checked our bags to make sure we had everything we needed for the next few days we would spend at the hospital and tried to get a good nights sleep. The next morning I woke up at 6am, showered and got ready to meet my baby. I am telling you its such an odd feeling because I had always imagined i would be rushing out the door to the hospital when it came time for delivery, you know water breaking or painful contractions but this morning there was such a sense of calm, I even put make up on and did my hair. 
When we got to the hospital for 7am, the process was pretty simple. The nurses did one last ultra sound on me to see if the baby’s position had moved- it hadn’t so they monitored the heartbeat for about 20 minutes and then put an IV on me. The whole time i was freaking about what was coming next, the epidural. I knew the epidural would be the toughest part and that its super painful when it goes in your back and so I was the most stressed about this. Also because the nurses had said that Faisal couldnt be with me while I get the needle.But little did I know that the IV that I was getting pricked for would be the most painful part of the entire process. The nurse couldn’t find my vein so she had to prick me 3 times and not only that but the needle was thick and I found out later it was thicker than the Epidural which is why it hurt way more. 
Around 9:20 they took me in the room, I remember the room so clearly it was much brighter and colder than I had expected. i sat down on the table and the anestheoligist put the epidural in and if i am being honest it really wasn’t that bad- I was psyching myself out for no reason. Anyways within seconds I was numb, the nurse then layed me down, put a catheter in me (which I didn’t feel  ) and then called my husband in the room.
During the surgery I couldn’t see anything below my chest because they had a curtain drawn. While they were operating on me I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, I couldn’t tell when they cut me open or even broke my water, I had heard that some women can feel little pulls and tugs but i didn’t feel a thing. However I did get a bit nauseous and threw up just a tad bit but this is pretty normal and its because of the epidural. After that within just a few minutes i heard my doctor call out to me ‘Are you ready to meet your baby?’ and i remember blurting out ‘really? wow that was fast!’ Few seconds later, she held my baby boy up over the curtain. There he was 6 pounds 6 ounces crying out a storm. It was the first time we laid eyes on him, heard his cry, It was really amazing, it was emotional. Once he was wrapped up they handed him to Faisal and just like that our son was here.
Next came the recovery. I always knew the surgery itself was going to be painless but it was the recovery that would be the hardest part and it was. Once the numbness wore off I was in pain, its a pain that’s hard to describe, it’s not like a sharp wound pain but more so a swollen truck ran into me kind of pain. They do give you pain meds every 4 hours so that really helps. There were times when the nurse would come to massage my uterus and that was really painful because of the pressure.  I had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights, I remember being in pain anytime I had to shift sides or get up and down from the bed, I remember being in pain whenever I had to sit down to use the bathroom and to get up too. The 2nd day I was to shower and take off my bandades, this was the most rawest moment of my life.  Faisal had to shower me because I could barely stand or move, and i just remember thinking to myself wow I didn’t expect this. In fact we both didn’t, we knew I was going to get surgery but had no idea Faisal would be showering me the next day, he even helped me remove my pad and put my underware on for me at times because I couldn’t bend. He was there for me and I can honestly say it bought us closer than ever.
Once I was home I would say within a few days I was feeling much better, I was going up and down the stairs and moving around.  It would still hurt but it was more of a painful pressure kind of pain. I  was shocked at how fast I was feeling better but I was also told by the doctors that just because you are feeling better on the outside you still have to take it easy for a full 6 weeks because internally the stitches are healing and you don’t want them to open up or get infected. So that’s what I did ,for the next few weeks I took it easy, I didn’t lift heavy objects, I didn’t run up and down the stairs, I didn’t drive and  didn’t do any house chores ( well some but I couldn’t help it lol). I had a lot of help from our families of course otherwise it would have been tough to do it all on our own. If you are having a C Section you definitely need all the support you can get especially when it comes to cooking. Anyways all this helped a lot because my stitches healed up nicely and i barely have Looking back at the entire process, I can say it all went better than expected- even recovery. So if you are getting a C Section my advice would be don’t psych yourself out because as I said its really not that bad, its a very controlled and relaxed experience just make sure you are prepared 🙂 

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