Nursery Reveal!

Although baby boy hasn’t arrived yet I am so excited to share his nursery reveal. This nursery was truly a labor of love, I spent weeks planning for it and picking everything out then hubby spent weeks putting it together. I know the nursery doesn’t get used much in the early days but to be honest I find myself going in there even now just for some peace and quite and it’s literally become my favorite room in the house. 

So with the nursery I didn’t have a specific theme in mind, I just knew I wanted a room that I would enjoy spending my time in and that would also be suitable for a baby boy. Aesthetics are important to me but having it be practical and functional were just as important. So after finding out I was pregnant I would be browsing Instagram & Pinterest for hours to draw inspiration from and it got so overwhelming especially for someone so indecisive like me lol! But I kind of always knew I wanted to stick to a neutral theme with some pops of color so I did just that! 

One thing I did know for sure was that i wanted a feature wall and that it would be wallpaper instead of paint. i wanted the wall to be colorful and playful yet subtle at the same time. I searched forever but couldn’t make up my mind then one day I came across this wallpaper on someone else’s Instagram page and instantly knew it was the one! The wallpaper I got is from Annet Weelink Designs and she specializes in beautiful handmade prints. I loved the jungle theme and the palm trees. (Not sure If if it counts as something ‘subtle’ lol but I love that it has a lot of white in it and the colors are tonal which really helps).  I also knew I wanted clean touches of wood to mimic the rest of our house and thats where the furniture comes in.

His crib and change table are from BuyBuy Baby from a brand called Baby Letto, I came across the crib last year before even getting pregnant and since then I had my eye on this specific style. It also comes in different colors which is great if you aren’t into white and wood. The one I have is linked here.

I really loved canopies as a kid and so I knew i had to have one in the nursery too. I think it’s a great touch and adds a lot of coziness and warmth to the room especially since we opted for shutters vs curtains. The canopy is from Etsy from a store called Babo Tipi.

The Tassel chandelier is my most prized possession. For weeks I was obsessing over this chandelier because I didn’t want any other light fixture for the room but that. I found some online but they were all very expensive so I decided I should just make one myself. I wanted to add a DIY personal touch to the room anyways, something mommy can be proud of and so this would be the perfect project and it kept me busy so it was a win win.  P.S I also ended up making the rainbow piece as well:)

I originally wanted a really comfortable glider/rocker but anything I found was pretty bulky and I couldn’t make it work in the small space I was working with so I went for a smaller manual rocker (purchased on Marketplace second hand). Hopefully its comfortable enough for me to use for nursing, time will tell!

Finally I knew I had to add a rug in to tie everything together and so I went with something textured and light in color to keep the space open and bright. The rug is from RUGS USA.





  1. Alya
    November 23, 2019 / 1:25 am

    I loved ur nursery room. And the human touch and the color theme n specially the cannpy and chandelier go hand in hand and makes the room complete with the wallpaper . Wallpaper speaks of the person who is setting up the nursery room. Mashallah completed with lots of mommy and daddy love. May Allah grant you boyh as parents to enjoy your baby boy and give lots of happiness n peace inshallah…..

  2. December 6, 2019 / 4:45 pm

    You are so talented!! That chandelier is also a piece of art! Love this nursery!

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