The Future of Canadian healthcare – GOeVisit SmartExam App

So let’s face it, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has enjoyed having to go to the hospital when they’re sick. I absolutely dread it – it’s one of my biggest pet peeves! Even when you have a scheduled appointment for some reason you still end up waiting forever. My doctor is always so busy, it’s almost impossible for me to find an appointment time that fits my schedule. So most of the time I end up going to the walk-in clinic but if you decide to do this, it’s a whole other can of worms. First, you have to wait in a waiting room with other people who are coughing and sneezing everywhere, then after about an hour your name gets called and you think, yes finally, only to be taken to another room to wait another 20 minutes to see the doctor. Then the doctor will see you for literally 2 mins and then have you out the door.

I recently had an amazing discovery that’s completely changed my thoughts on all of this! It’s called GOeVisit SmartExam App (available via Google Play and the App Store) and it’s a game-changer! It all started when I had bronchitis a few weeks ago and couldn’t pull myself out of bed.

I downloaded the app and absolutely loved how user-friendly it was straight from the start! Setting up my profile was super easy – just conducted a clinic interview about my illness and selected a pharmacy of my choice! After that, one of GOeVisit’s medical providers got in touch with me to discuss my symptoms and how I was feeling. I’m usually really nervous when meeting a new medical provider for the first time but she was extremely attentive and made sure I felt confident about the entire process. Let’s be real, having access to a doctor via my iPhone felt pretty new to me! I really appreciated how comfortable she made me feel when discussing my treatment options. She provided me with a prescription and Faisal (my hubby) went straight to pick it up! Coming back with chocolate chip cookies, of course. The entire appointment took only 10 minutes! 

This may sound too good to be true, but the app really is that amazing! Before I used it, I made sure to cover all my bases. The medical providers GOeVisit works with are extremely professional as they are certified Canadian healthcare workers, licensed nurse practitioners and doctors who specialize in the delivery of virtual care. You are being treated first hand by experienced professionals who prioritize you more than being just another patient!

Secondly, I’m really private when discussing our personal information so I had Faisal research how secure my details would be when registering for virtual care. GOeVisit collects only the information absolutely necessary to deliver their services effectively. Your personal information and visit details are confidential and protected in a secure manner. Transmitted information is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the same security used in banking. They ensure that your login credentials are securely collected and stored following industry standards.

After speaking with my GOeVisit medical provider, I’m really excited about the future of virtual healthcare. This is a huge step for Canadian healthcare! As a family that is constantly travelling, I really appreciated learning that the app is available any time of day anywhere in Canada and even while you are travelling outside of the country! This will be perfect for that road trip we’re hoping to do next year!

With over 450 minor illnesses in their database, GOeVisit can diagnose, treat and prescribe for things like coughs, colds and flu, allergies (can finally be autumn-ready for all those back-to-school bugs and fall allergens this year!) to general medical concerns, minor injuries, birth control, heartburn, and more all through a mobile app. With this service being fully digital, it really cuts down on paperwork! 

I’ve referred the app to many of my friends and will definitely continue to use it in the future. No more waiting rooms for me! Experience the future of health care for yourself – efficient procedures, attentive providers, and an extremely easy to use app all at your fingertips. Put your family’s health care first, plus, you’ll get your first visit for free when you sign up here.


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