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Ok so it finally happened, the day I had been impatiently dreaming about…we moved out on our own! Some of you may know that Faisal and I got married in August 2016 and since then we had been living with the in-laws. But of course just like any other girl all I wanted was to have a place of my own that I could call home. Thank god before we got married, we made the smart decision of booking a pre-construction house so it could be ready a year after we tied the knot! Anyways fast forward to now…we moved into our new home December end and since then I have been having a blast setting up the house.

As someone who is very creative and passionate about everything, I wanted the house not only to be well decorated but for it to suit my style (I say I here not us because the hubby would along with anything I would say hehe). However that’s easier said then done because I like so many different styles and there is so many choices out there. I finally made a decision though and my inspiration was and is Bohemian and I am happy to say it’s working out pretty well. For the first few months after moving in, we did a lot of DIY projects and upgrades around the house to really give it character and personalize it and soon I’ll be sharing all that with you too. But for now I want to talk about online furniture shopping and our fabulous Article chair!

Before I go on further, I have to preface this by saying that I am a very indecisive person so furniture shopping was quite hard for me. Before we moved in Faisal and I would go to tons of stores looking for the perfect couch, the perfect chair etc but couldn’t really find anything. Then one day, I thought let me look online and long behold I came across Article and fell in love!!! Now that was a problem too because there were so many beautiful choices! Anyways we first had our eyes set on the Green or Dark Blue SVEN Sofa which is absolutely beautiful by the way  (and we’ll probably get it one day when we move our current couch to the basement). However we decided to get an accent chair instead of course if I wasn’t able to get my green couch you know I was going to get the green arm chair!  Welcome the Matrix Chair

So here’s the thing, whenever I post pictures of our living room or people come over, we get a lot of questions- Where’s it from? Hows the quality? is Article a legit company? Are we happy with the purchase? See the thing is because Article is an online only store its a given that people would be skeptical and this is why I thought I would do a quick review on it.

First off, every time someone comes to visit they always point out the chair and how great the color is. It really is a statement piece in our house(among-st other things hehe) so needless to say in looks it scores a 10 out of 10 as its exactly what you see online- what you see is what you get! Also its worth noting there are a few color options, the one we have is Balsam Green!

Style? Chic and modern but It could really fit in any type of decor for example our house is far from modern its more of a bohemian look with lots of patterns and textures, and it still meshes in perfectly!

Comfort? Here’s where I was skeptical too especially because its a little on the pricey side I didn’t want to get something that only looked good but wasn’t good quality or comfortable.So I did some researching online and read reviews 🙂 Most of them were good so we took the leap and turns out the couch is quite soft so yay! You can read the reviews here  The color is very rich and the velvet fabric is great quality but the only thing is you have to protect it from the sun to avoid fading the label says (but I don’t do that, we have very large windows and light curtains).

Just before I stop raving about our chair I want to say that the delivery process was fast and we loved the flat shipping fee and in home assembly option. Also in case you don’t like your purchase they do a 30 day full refund. Note for pet owners, the hair does stick to the chair since its velvet but it comes off when you use a lint roller:)



P.S If you guys are scared of buying big ticket items online, don’t be. I was scared at first too because its risky to get something online when you cant see it or touch it. Especially me I am a very visual person so I need to see things for myself but I tried it and love it! In the last few months we have bought everything from mattresses, rugs to chairs online and its been great (with the exception of one thing). I actually think I am addicted to online shopping for the house now, even the littlest things such as bulbs I quickly order them in. I guess you can say I’m lazy or that I love avoiding the cold outside.

This post was done in partnership with Article, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.





  1. Alya
    April 10, 2018 / 7:28 pm

    Very well explained how you shopped around furniture for ur new home…i am impressed with this green arm chair too.

  2. Ruchika
    April 12, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    We were dead set on buying a couch from article too…but my husband was skeptical about online furniture so we ended up with urban barn!
    And the next day I read this blog piece!
    So bummed out!

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