Top 7 Summer Date Ideas

As you may or may not know, we live in Toronto and that means by the time summer rolls around all we want to do is go out and stay out. So with that said below are some date ideas to kick off your summer love! P.S the list below isn’t only applicable to Canadians or Torontonians, no matter where you’re from you should be able to do most of the things on there.

1. Drive-in Theater

Let’s be real watching movies and binge watching Netflix is everyone’s favorite, no matter how adventurous you are. So why not combine the sun and the flick? We go to drive ins every summer and its always a memorable time , cant wait go again this year!


  • Try going in a SUV or a van, pop open the trunk, lay out some blankets and voila!
  • Go for the first show that way if you want you can catch double feature for the price of 1

2. Picnic –Beach or Park

This is a no brainer! But just laying around people watching in the sun doesn’t always make for the best date right? What we do to make things a bit more fun is pack a frisby, deck of cards and our portable speaker for setting the mood:)

3. Hiking

Hiking is fun and inexpensive and on top of that, exploring new places and gazing at beautiful views can never be dull. Every city offers hiking trails where you can see beautiful scenery and even wildlife- check out a local park or a national park and you won’t be disappointed


  • Pack a light lunch and discover a new spot along your hike to take in the views and have a bite.
  • If you aren’t into the hiking scene, perhaps rent a bike and go biking or even walking on one of the many scenic trails your city has to offer- check out your city guide online for whereabouts.
  • For added romance, surprise her and turn your hike/walk into a romantic treasure hunt. Draw up a cute little map and slip in some clues-  this works great if you are familiar with the place already.

4. Amusement Park

It’s great feeling like a kid again and its even more better if you can share that feeling with your date! But make sure you know what your date likes, what if she/he is deathly afraid of roller coasters then this could turn out be the worst date ever lol In that case, hit up a carnival instead:)

5. Patio Hopping

  Dinners may be cliche but essential to everyone dating life but mix things up and take advantage of the weather by enjoying some grub on roof tops and patios- the vibe is totally different.


6. Visit a Food Festival- One of the benefits of living in a big city is the endless summer festivals. So why not hit up the next food fest and try out some new dishes together- this is a super easy and fun way to spend your day and you cant go wrong listening to live music and taking in some culture.

 Tip: If you aren’t too into the food scene then go for the street fair- stock up on cotton candy and some loose change and hit the games!

7. Go to a Baseball game- Most couples I know (even the ones that aren’t into sports) have been to one or two baseball games in their life and that’s because compared to NBA or NHL games, tickets to a baseball game are super cheap. Not only that but baseball is not the kind of sport that needs your unwavering attention thus making it perfect for a lazy summer afternoon date.

There you have it guys, 7 date ideas for the summer! However there are so many more fun things to do in the summer we will be posting a part 2 to this soon enough:)




  1. Alya inam
    May 27, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    Wow I think I did not do any of these. Now I have 7 date tips and one I would luv to do it with u …haha.
    Thanku for writing such informative tips for everyone . Looking forward for 2nd part…

    May 29, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Awesome read you guys! You’re always welcomed to get lost with us on hikes.

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