1 Suitcase for 2

In a perfect world, we’d be able to check unlimited free bags on airplanes and someone else would have to lug our heavy suitcases around from one place to another. But the sad reality is that we don’t have that kind of luxury and even if we did, it would come at a very high cost…so sometimes we end up having to share a suitcase. In cases where there are a lot of destinations involved its a really good idea to.

Lets start from the beginning! Faisal and I got married 6 months ago and since then we have taken a few trips. Our first trip as a married couple was our honeymoon of course, we had a 18 day trip planned to Barcelona, Rome, Mykonos , Santorini and Athens. That’s a lot of places which means a lot of flights and a lot of checking in and out of hotels so needless to say we didn’t want to go crazy with our luggage, we wanted to be efficient and cost effective and we figured that between planes, trains and hotels the less luggage, the better!

Since our honeymoon we have gone on a few more holidays and I think we are getting the hang of this 1 suitcase for 2 thing. Before I explain how I just want to remind you that its pretty standard policy in the airline industry to allow just carry-ons on flights and that checked baggages usually have a cost attached to it, so if you don’t travel often it would be a good idea to check your airline baggage policy before you start packing. So with that said even though we both get our individual carry-ons, packing together for 1 check-in suitcase can be stressful so here’s what we learnt…Just like the blanket in bed, I get 90% of it and he gets the other 10%! HAHA…just kidding, well not really this actually happened once (I didn’t pack enough socks or t shirts for him and I ended up with 5 pairs of shoes…which I barely wore). But lesson learnt: Sharing is Caring.


We share as many items as we can- Toothpaste, sunscreen, face wash, shampoo and body wash. The goal here is to evaluate exactly what each person needs and try to avoid doubling up on anything. You can even use the same razor handle and switch out the cartridges.

Faisal is  a bit picky with hair product so we have to double up on mousse (for me) and gel for him but we do share hairspray and a brush.


We bring one laptop and that too if we think we will need to watch a movie on the plane if not then our phones are more than enough to provide any entertainment we may need.

We share a charger, we both have the same type of phone so we can take turns charging. As long as you have a fast charger this isnt an issue because my phone literally charges 100% in less than an hour. You can even invest in a dual port charger here.

Packing Cubes

We just came across this and we love it! It helps keep our stuff separate it avoids rummaging through the entire suitcase to find that one t-shirt you were looking for. Packing cubes even help to keep your dirty clothes seperate.


Its really easy to go overboard here but be realistic you don’t need 7 pair of pants for a 7 day trip, try planning out your outfits in advance that way you only pack what you really need.

Haute Tips:

  • Think sandals not shoes
  • Pack your shoes in his shoes, that will save you space
  • If you are checking in two suitcases,split up your packing that way if one luggage gets lost or delayed then you still have half your stuff.
  • If you are extra tight on space you can even share hoodies, I wear faisals hoodies and shrits to bed all the time at home, why not on holiday right?



P.S if you are looking for reasonably priced yet stylish luggage, check out IFLY. We recently got carry-ons from them and absolutely love them. They are really good quality and roll effortlessly even when packed really heavy. (This is not a sponsored post..just our humble opinion:D) You can also get them at any Walmart across the U.S

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  1. Mariette Hancock
    February 20, 2017 / 12:44 am

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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